The BBF has now started to turn its attention to Kenya following the completion of much of our work in Azerbaijan.  Kenya is better known than Azerbaijan but is a world apart again.  It has been much in the news with the political violence in the early part of 2008 which has decimated the tourist trade - one of the main foreign currency earners and job providers. 

Kenya sits in the heart of East Africa and has borders with Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and the Sudan. It is a country with incredible natural wildlife and possibly also the cradle of civilization with the birth place of man. 

However Kenya is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Despite national absolute poverty declining from 52.3% in 1997 to 45.9% in 2005/2006 [source DFID], inequality remains high and the current credit crunch and financial crisis means that the very poorest in the third world are the first to feel the lack of western created wealth and funds. One in five Kenyans has consumption levels that are inadequate to meet basic food needs. 

BBF has now started working in one of the remotest and most deprived areas of Kenya - Turkana in the arid noth-west - on a long term educational project which is starting with the provision of nursery schools and aspires to provide education through priimary and secondary levels.  This is also complemented by a water provision programme.

Why we are 100% sure that we will succeed and can provide what other charities are unable to do is for one significant reason - we work in partnership with the indigenous population, not through western aid workers or missionaries.  We have partnered with a local organisation and are in the process of employing a unique young man who , Gabriel Ipas, with whom we are going to develop a plan for a wider educational and development programme.  We are also being hugely helped by a range of volunteers in Narobi who are providing a wealth of contractual and project management experience as we get off the ground.

Our Xmas 2008 Appeal is for the running costs of our two nursery schools in Turkana.  We have nearly completed building our first and have been given another set of buildings to create our second.  The full detail of the project and costs can be found in the Xmas 2008 proposal which can be downloaded here and more background information can be easily seen in the rest of our Kenya pages.  Enjoy the story and don't forget that you too can join in and help us make a real difference to childrens' lives.

£12,000 builds a school for 300 or more children

£688 gives the school a teacher for a year

£292 buys a school a years worth of teaching equipment

£57 pays for a teacher for a month

£17 is the amount to educate one child for one year

£2.50 buys a child a school uniform

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