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Thuso School

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The BBF have facilitated the construction of a small medical project which we will seek to replicate throughout Lesotho if successful.  This is possible as two of the current expedition members are fully qualified doctors.

There are approximately 70 boarders at the disabled children's school in Butha Buthe, Lesotho; that is supported by the Sentebale charity.  The aim of this medical package is to support the aims of the Burnaby Blue Foundation by supporting the school for disabled children.  These children suffer the range of physical and or mental disability and are cared for by a dedicated staff during term time and return home to their families in the school holidays. Most have never had medical examinations to chart their development and there are very few with medical records that make note of their various conditions and give a baseline of medical anthropological data. Every child in Lesotho should have a comprehensive medical record but as the parents have to pay for this it is a rare occurrence that a disabled child will have one. In Lesotho children are vaccinated against common childhood illnesses in accordance with World Health Organisation guidelines.

During term time the children live on the school premises and are accommodated in dormitories separated by sex. The dormitories are adequate but cramped and offer little to alleviate the possible transmission of infectious disease eg. meningococcal bacterial infection or other nosocomial disease spread.

Many of the children come from a poorer background and cannot afford regular medical care let alone the complex care that is required by some with respect to their various medical conditions. They would all benefit from a non specialist overview of their current medical state with an outline plan of what can be done in the years to come to benefit them.

The medical work undertaken to support the aims of Burnaby Blue in conjunction with Sentebale will proceed as follows:

  • Every person in Lesotho is supposed to have an individual record of medical care known as the 'bukana'. However, with rising costs these have now become family records of data, with little or no space given to disabled children. We intend to create a usable medical record in lieu of the 'bukana' for each of the boarders at the school which will contain evidence of routine health checks as well as childhood vaccination records and HIV status.

  • Vaccination of the boarders against Meningococcal ACWY135. The living conditions of the children are ideal to facilitate the spread of aerosol borne infectious disease. Meningococcal infection is the most dangerous and prevalent of these infectious diseases which the children are not vaccinated against.

  • Conduct a non-specialist review of their current medical condition, with a Basotho medical professional in attendance, with the aim of formulating a care plan sustainable within the Lesotho medical environment with minimal outside aid.

It is hoped that these effective, albeit simple, ideas will have been implemented prior to the departure of the expedition from Lesotho.