Thuso School

Thuso School

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The main work details that are being undertaken by Burnaby Blue within the Thuso project include:

Finishing the security fence - The expedition members will be completing the last 40% of a 600m security fence. All the posts will have been put in as much of the land is rock and the main thing they will be doing is welding under supervision the last 40% of panels so they will complete the fence before they leave.  This is probably the most important job as not only is the fence vital before anything valuable is placed in the centre but most importantly, the children are extremely vulnerable and a fence is an absolute must to keep others out!

Pathways for disabled access - Team members will do the concreting and edging; also finishing the pathways as well as putting in ramps to buildings for wheelchairs.

 HRH Prince Harry talking to the press about the project with our expedition leader, Tom Archer-Burton

Refurbishment for existing buildings - This will be creating a dining room and class room . Team members will be involved in plastering, painting and putting in insulation and new ceilings where needed. This will make a significant difference to the existing buildings.  The team have just knocked down the existing ceiling and are currently placing insulation in the roof before building another ceiling. The old kitchen will be knocked down this weekend when the new one has been finished.

Playground - The land will be leveled and ready to put down matting and tyres plus equipment. The playground will be fairly basic to start with but additional fundraising will obtain specialist equipment later.

New ablutions - The team has also started digging an area for a septic tank which will serve the new ablution block. The current one is just a shed with a hole.


Cabling electrical wires into bedrooms - It dropped to minus 10 the first night the team arrived at Thuso! The kids sleep about 25 to a room with not insulation or electricity. By identifying the ability to link the electricity from the main teaching room to the bedroom the living standards will be increased enormously.


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